Saturday, December 18, 2010

Task 5 Results & Task 6


All of you were creative, and did a great job at your Album's and Scenery's! :) I didn't have to comment on all the albums, though I visited all of them! So if you didn't get an album comment, it doesn't mean I didn't like yours. ;)
Now to get to the Results...We had some pretty amazing Entries but the Winner was...


Though you chose a simple pose, the out fit was very Winter-ish, as was the background. That was what I wanted you to focus on a little more for this Task, the out fit. :)
Also, I've decided that at the end of the Cycle EVERYONE who won a Task will get a little feature on the Blog. :) This will include some pic's of their Dollie, Quickfacts, and some Questions. So far those people are: iswim19, NickyChicky98, aqua324 and Pandaeyes239! We only chose Winner's a little later into the Competition, but from now on we will have Winners. :)

Now for the difficult part of who is leaving us today...

Some judges found it messy and though your idea was interesting, you didn't exactly show it in the best way. Sorry.

Task 6

So for a quick recap, our remaining models are (In no particular order) :



With you 7 left, I thought we'd do a cultural, but still fashionable, challenge.

Fashion Capitals of the World
Task: Each of you will be assigned a Fashion Capital of the World. Then in a Scenery you must show your Medoll wearing an out fit either inspired by an actual out fit that was on a Runway there, or just your interpretation of that Country's high fashion. I'd prefer if you showcased the out fit on a runway in your Scenery, but if you'd rather do it with a Scenery that looks more like the country that's alright. I think it would be nice to just be able to tell the Country by sort of seeing the out fit, though I understand Fashion Capital's could have the same sort of out fits. Just create your interpretation of your City. :) Below I've listed your City along with a link to it's Wikipedia in case you want a little background knowledge.

If you want the Wikipedia on Fashion Capitals click ⇉ HERE

- Paris, France Wikipedia
alexotskiaki-New York, U.S.A Wikipedia
MeliMelia- London, England Wikipedia
aqua342- Sydney, Australia, Wikipedia
NickyChicky98-Milan, Italy Wikipedia
Pandaeyes239-Barcelona, Ireland Wikipedia
gghgfhjg-Miami, U.S.A Wikipedia

If you want fashion help for any of your Countries, just go to and then type in
___(City Here)___ Fashion. Or even your Cities Fashion Week! :) As you can see I put some examples at the top of the page too. :)
I'm looking for bold, unique style from around the World..but still high fashion. Whether it's casual, or a gown..I just want it to stand out and be inspired by your City. Like I said before, I'd prefer if your Model was on a Runway, but if she isn't that's alright. You may include other Models if you like. Just do what you feel. :P

Task due: December Jan. 3rd (But if you all finish before then I'll post it before that)

Love Carolyn. ;)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Task 5

Since monojoke nor shaz1302 did the tie-breaker, they are both eliminated.

Moving on, to get into the Holiday Spirit I thought we'd have a fun Christmas/Holiday Task!!! :D

TASK: The Task has TWO parts to make it a little more here they are!

Part 1: Create a Club Scenery that has something to do with Winter or the Holiday's! Whether it's just your Medoll dressed as Mrs. Clause or an Elf, or maybe your Medoll Skating or building a snowman, sipping hot chocolate near the fire, decorating a tree, lighting a Menorah, anything to do with Holiday's and Christmas. I want you to focus mainly on the out fit. :)

Part 2: In Your Album (Or in a spare accounts album) create a two page (Or longer) magazine spread on either:

Holiday/Winter Fashion
Fun Activities to do on Winter Break
Top Christmas Gifts

Or if you have another good idea you can do the same! ;)

Good luck!

Due: December 16th

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Task 4 Results!!!

Okay, the Results are in! But due to one of the Judges being busy, she couldn't submit her judging and there is now a tie for who will be leaving us this week! :O We're going to have an old-fashioned competition, to settle who will be staying..and who will be leaving.

The two ladies who will compete to stay in the competition are...




Your Tie-Breaker Task... You Must Choose a Decade and put together an out fit from that Decade. You may present it either in an Album or Scenery, I'd like to see the out fit all together, and then the items you used individually layed out. This is a Task which may not work the best with a Pose, but if you can find a way to squeeze one in..then good job! ;D



Congrats to the Models still standing, your Task will be posted very soon, once the Tie-Breaker is over!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Task 4

I prepped a lot for this Challenge today. :P First I ripped a big piece of paper apart and labeled half with all the Contestants names on it, then I used the rest and put random clothing items on each of them. I put them into two separate piles..and drew names. Once each of you had one clothing item, I checked all of your Suite's to make sure you had one of whatever item you were assigned.

Here are the items I Picked Randomly (Out of a Hat) For Each of You:

NickyChicky98: A Hat
Melimelia: Mini-Dress (Any kind of short dress)
aqua324: Headband/Bow
pandaeyes239: Jacket/Coat
watermelon2233: Shirt
iswim19: Shoes/Boots
gghgfhjg: Skirt
alexotsaki: Belt
monojoke- Bracelet

I checked, and you all had at least one of the items I selected for here is the Task.

Modeling Nude may be considered 'disgusting' to some people, but in truth sometimes Employers will ask models to pose without any clothes for Photo Shoots. It can give photo's edge, and sometimes make them more Elegant. Even TV Commercials- I saw one a few months ago where a model is wearing a robe, and she walks down a hall, stripping it all off before reaching for a bottle of perfume. It really adds an effect, and though it can be embarrassing, it's something you should be prepared for. You have two options for this Task, I'm giving you a choice.

You can use the item I gave you above (And ONLY that item) on your Medoll. You can be wearing only that, and NOTHING else except for make-up and any Beauty Parlor Accessories. No shoes, no bags, no necklaces (Unless they were your item). You can do whatever you'd like with the Scenery..I just want you to model off the piece of clothing you were given. Try to make the item stand out a little.. and make sure the Scenery looks classy, not trashy. (This Task was actually done on America's Next Top Model a couple of Season's ago!)

Another option is if you find your item too hard, too easy, or you simply just don't want to do that item..then you can also choose to do it with no clothing items on. Again, you can use beauty parlor accessories and make-up, but nothing else. In this case you'd basically be modeling you off..not an item of clothing. Try to think of scenario's of why you may not be wearing any clothes (Keeping it appropriate though...). Perhaps skinny-dipping, baths, clothing-fittings, etc.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me in my Guestbook or in a Message via Stardoll!

Also, a Modeling Group I absoloutely adore (HeeHeeModelMeXD owned by UKnowULoveMeXD) did a task last Cycle where all Models had to pose nude. Here's some inspiration to get you going..I picked the best from their Challenge. (Just for fun I've included MY entry, which is a little embarrassing because at the time, 7 months ago, I was still learning the tips and tricks of Scenery's and Posing, so it's quite horrible! Haha!)

This was catlover103's entry, titled 'Ocean Princess'

This was C-007.'s entry! It ended up winning the Task! And she went on to win the entire Cycle! ;)

Now Believe it or not, this was MY Entry! (Embarrassing, right?) It was titled 'Nude Swimming in the Moonlight'

Hopefully now you're in a creative mood! Haha! I wish you luck..and I'd like all entries due by:

Deadline: November 25th (A Full Week/7 Days)

Good Luck Ladies,
♥ Carolyn ♥

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Task 3 Results

Alright, first of all..the Results. :) By the end of this post, we will only have 10 girls left! But who's going? First..we'll see who won the Task.

iswim19: Congratulations! :D You've won the Task, and for our first time we have a prize for the Task-Winner. iswim19 will win a Spread & Interview on The Diamond Girls SD. They may not seem extremely popular (Like Stardoll's Most Wanted, or Underneath Stardoll) yet, but they are a Nominee in The Star Awards..and it is an amazing blog! :) If you accept the Prize I'll contact you soon so we can do the Interview!

Now to get to the Results of who will be leaving us... You're all very talented. Some of you did very well and even showed us your best Scenery yet in this Task, others did very poorly. The person with the lowest scores who is now out of the Competition is...



Task 4 will be posted tomorrow! :D I'll give you a little hint...

I'll be Picking out of a hat tomorrow, One clothing piece for each of you...

(Doesn't give much away..but does it get you thinking? :P)

Also, workinmom2007, one of our great Judges, may be away for a while..her Account was taken from her and she's still trying to get it back. We hope she gets the Account back, and we wish her luck. :D

Also, on a slightly different note.. Winter LE 2010 just came out! :D Anyone get anything good? I know I sure did. :P If you send me some awesome Tinypic's of you in your LE I'll be sure to feature you on the Blog. :))
(Please remember that Stardoll no longer allows you to right 'Tinypic' so you'll either have to send it to me through the Blog, or just substitute the i's for !'s)

Carolyn xx

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Task 2 Results and Task 3

Task 2 Results

Due to not completing the Task, ColorMEpretty has been sent home.

Task 3

In Club Scenery's make an Advertisement for an item I will assign you.

Scenery Must Include: Item I've assigned you, your Medoll from at least waist up, Medoll must be wearing appropriate clothing to match the scenery. Other than those things get creative with poses, backgrounds, etc. You may have other Doll's in your Scenery, but I'd like your Doll to be the main model. It's up to you whether you'd like to include text, logo's, etc. or not.

Deadline: 1 Week from now. Saturday 13th, November, 2010.

Guest Judge: Miss Dancer853 A.K.A Lily Summers! :)

Think of deals (eg. 'Buy One, Get 1 Half Off'). Not everything you advertise is going to be elegant, or have to make it beautiful yourself. Think of things to attract buyers such as 'The Perfect Gift for this Holiday Season'.

I Went to Each of Your Suite's and chose a random item you already own for you to advertise. Pictures of each item at the bottom. If Your Name is Blue it means I have your Scenery. :)

- DKNY Pink Bike
gghgfhjg - Pink Black Star Perfume Bottle
- PDA Phone
monojoke - Classic Art
- Pink Star Magazine
alexotsiaki - Cherry Cola
shaz1302 - Mini Cooper (Car with British Flag Design)
- Blue Scooter
iswim19 - Bath & Spa Kit (Soaps with Body Wash, I know the Bottles say they're Room Spray, but we'll pretend they're actually Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, etc.)
sunshinestreet - Pink Disco Ball
- Pink Candy











Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Completed Tasks

I know you want the results, but they'll be here soon enough! For now, here's a list of who's Scenery's I still need..ones in blue are Completed Task 2's. :)


Also, I have a VERY important Question which I'm asking all the models from above now. I know I asked it on your Application Form, but I need to ask it again, because I started with 25 models and now on Week 2 we only have 13! ARE YOU COMMITTED TO THIS COMPETITION? BECAUSE I need to know now if you're planning on dropping out. I understand that you're busy, but I want to know NOW if you can't complete the Cycle.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Task 2-Reality Television

How many people watch Reality TV? I can tell you, A LOT of people do! Millions, actually. There are a lot of Reality TV shows out there too, but some stand out a lot!

For this Task you'll be doing a Scenery about a Reality TV Show! You can pick whichever one you like from the list below as long as no one else has already chosen it. Please post below the CNTM Club Topic or below this Post on which one you're doing to be sure others won't also complete it. I wanted to assign you specific ones, but I was afraid some of you may not be familiar with them, so I'll allow you to pick from a list below. :)
Create a club sceneery from/about a Reality TV Show! Make sure to think about where you are, what you're doing, and what you're wearing. Please try to do a pose, because while they are not mandatory, they're an important skill as a model. Change your Medoll if you need to (You can always change it right back after you're done your scenery).
Here Are The TV Shows You Can Choose:
The bold ones are ones already taken!
Survivor -watermelon2233
The Apprentice-pandaeyes239
The Amazing Race -melimelia
Big Brother
Jersey Shore
Dancing With The Stars -iswim19
American Idol -Nickychicky98
So You Think You Can Dance -monojoke
Extreme Makeover Home Edition -princess_tash__
Cribs -sunshinestreet
America's Got Talent
Hell's Kitchen -aqua324 (Or a popular Cooking Show)
The X Factor -gghgfhjg
Ghost Hunters
Pawn Shop
Cake Boss -carleit
LA Ink
If there is one you want to do which isn't on the list contact me and ask, I'll approve it, or if I don't know it I'll have to ask you to pick a different one.

Good Luck! Task due next Tuesday! November 2nd

~Carolyn Salt

Also, due to being busy iiDorkieDino dropped out of the competition.


You saw my Comments, and the other Judges Comments, and now the results are in! Only 13 people participated, which really upset me. Don't sign up for a Modeling Competition if you aren't going to go through with it! I understand some people weren't able to see it due to Stardoll Glitches which didn't send them an Update that there was a new Top Spot Topic, but if you have that issue then please try to check the club weekly for when you think the next Challenge will be posted. Here is a list of our Models, the ones in Blue have completed their Scenery's...the ones in black have not.


Also if you're wondering why only 24 models are there instead of 25 it's because sadly, AbiiBabeh..x had to remove herself from the competition due to being too busy, which is understandable. :) I wish her lots of luck in her Modeling Future!!!

Now to get to the Results...

Everyone who completed the Task made it!!! Because of the insane amount of people who didn't complete the Task everyone who did complete it made it through! BUT I will still share our Results. There were two girls who actually tied at last. So, our bottom 2 WOULD have been iswim19 (Though we understand you had a more limited time to finish the Task) and watermelon2233! We found you didn't add 3 things about you in it, which was the main thing about the Task. NickyChicky98 was the Winner. :)

I'll be posting Task 2 in a few Minutes so stay tuned! ;)

~Carolyn Salt

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stardoll's Juciiest..50 Follow Challenge

Our wonderful Sponsor Stardolls Juciiest is hoping to soon reach 50 Followers, and they need your help!!! They're an AMAZING blog with all of Stardoll's latest and greatest gossip, spoilers, and tips! So please, let's raise a toast to Stardoll's Juciiest and follow today! ;DD

To Follow And Check Out the Blog Click


Monday, October 18, 2010

Task 1-Getting to Know You

I told you it would be this Week, but you didn't expect it to be today, did you? Well, SURPRISE! We're getting started...Now! And here it is...

Many of you I don't know very well, so this will give me a chance to get to know you a little bit better. :)

Create a Club Scenery showing me different things about you. Whether things about your style, hobbies, jobs/education, things you stand for, etc.

What You Need:

-At least 3 Things about you
-Description in comments
-Pose (Optional..but poses do give you extra points)

This will be done in a Club Scenery.Judges: LoveGossip4life, skycole99, workinmom2007, alice2078, and also me (LonnaLang).

Due: You have a whole week. So it's Due Oct. 25th (Next Monday).Those who don't complete it are automatically out of the Competition unless you have a good reason and have alerted me of it.

If you act, have your Medoll holding a script. If you like horses, put a horse in the background. I want to see creativity in what you do. Remember, this is a first-impression.

Message me via Stardoll Messages or Guestbook if you have Questions or Concerns.
Judges please remember to join the club CNTMStaff owned by me so I can alert you when you need to have your Judging done by and handed into me. :)

Good luck, and let the Competition begin!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Best Dressed!

Here is our Best Dressed...

^ PeaceGirl41739

^ quennofbee97

^ Pandaeyes239

^ NickyChicky98

^ mursal12345

^ LonnaLang

Here's a Poll.. (I didn't include myself, obviously) :P Only vote once.. ;) Winner gets some gifts to help with their passion for fashion. ;)

^ Ignore the 'Other' Box. Not sure why it's there. xD

~Carolyn Salt xo

Our Cast

Woohoo! After a fun party which was full of Banana's, Crushes, and Guests we finally have our Cast...





I had SUCH a hard time choosing, all the Application Forms were fantastic! It pains me to tell people they didn't make it. ;( Try again next Cycle! And remember to always keep your head high. =)

Models: Congratulations! You've made it into the first ever Cycle of CNTM! Please make sure you're a member of LonnaLang's club -CNTM- (Link on the side-bar)! Task 1 will be posted on the blog this week. ;D

Judges: Congradulations! You're the first ever judges in CNTM! You'll help me to decide who shall stay..and who shall go. ;) Please join the club owned by me called CNTMStaff! By joining it I'll be able to remind you when I need your Judging in by, etc. =)

Congrats to All!
~Carolyn xo

CNTM Release Party for Cycle 1 Happening NOW!

CNTM Release Party is happening now at:

Come join us! Remember the dress code is 'Sparkling Glamour'!

We will be having a Best Dressed List. :)

Hope to see you there,
Carolyn Salt xo

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You're Cordially Invited...

Graphic By: aqua324
UPDATE: Due to personal issues which I am TRULY sorry for, the Party has been postponed to Sunday 17th at 3:00 PM EST! The Party Invite is now incorrect, so I apologize. I really have to take this day off. :(

Yes, it's true! CNTM Cycle 1 really is coming soon! Get your sparkling dresses, wear your finest make-up, and head over to LonnaLang's Guestbook on Saturday the 16th to find out who Cycle 1's Models and Judges will be! ;D The time is 2:00 PM EST, to convert it to your Timezone you can use Websites which do just that! For example: The party will actually be held in a Chatbox, but I'll post the link to it in my Guestbook 5 minutes before the party.

If you aren't able to make it for Timezone Issues, Internet Issues, or anything else then don't worry! ;) I'll post our Cast up on the blog after the Party! through your closet for the most Sparkling Glamour dresses you have and I hope to see you there!!! ;D
~Carolyn Salt xo


Our amazing graphic designer is celebrating her Birthday on October 16th (Which is the reason she won't be able to attend the Release Party)! ;)


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week!

Yes, I know this post is a bit late since today's the last day, but I've been too busy to post much about Stardoll Fashion Week!!!

I'm posting from the SFW Awards Party, where everyone is having a blast. It's full of dancing, martini's, farting, and water-breaking (Yes, someone is pregant..not going to name names...)

To see a list of Awards then go to Stardoll's Most Wanted:

-Carolyn Salt xo

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last Chance to Sign Up!

Yes, It's True! Carolyn's Next Top Model: Cycle 1 is almost here!!! Sign up before it's too late, and you'll have to wait for Cycle 2! ;D So, don't forget to head over to the Apply To Be a Model page on the Navigation Bar above!!! Sign-Up's close on October 10th and soon after I'll release the Contest & Judge List! Soon we can start Challenge's and finally begin! I'm hoping for at least 30 Models to sign up, and currently we have 21 (Including ones in the Club). So please, make sure to sign up, and also don't forget about our LE Competition which is still running with only one Contestant so far. =(

Good Luck Ladies, and Continue To Sign Up!!!!

~Carolyn M. Salt ♥✌

Monday, September 20, 2010

LE Dresses Competition!

It's that time...Time for an AWESOME Contest! ;D I know you wanna know...What's the Prize??

Thanks to the kind donations from Isabel (carleit) our prize is 2 LE Dresses! I like to encourage great fashion here at CNTM so I thought some cute dresses would get you in a stylish mood. ;) Here is what they look like on your Medoll! (Model: carleit)

Now for the Contest itself. Here is what you have to do...

1. Make sure you are an Official Follower of the Blog! ☛
2. Invite as many people as you can to the blog!!! (See Suggestions Below)
3. Comment under this saying that you would like to Participate in the Competition and write your Stardoll Username
4. Get everyone who you Invite (And get them to Follow!!) to sign under this Post saying that you invited them and with their Stardoll Username, then if they like they can participate too!

The person who invites the most people wins First Pick of one of the above Dresses, the 2nd Place person get's the other Dress. ;)

Blogger accounts that Follow must be REAL ones, I will find out if they are you. That's cheating..and cheating is wrong. Cheating also shows me that you wouldn't be a good fit for any fun competitions I have, and for the Big Modeling Comp itself! Stardoll User's you invite must have over 50 Starpoints and be real. Fake ones will be found. If you cheat, even just once, you'll be eliminated from this LE Dresses Competitions.

-Write in People's Guestbook's
-Write it on your presentation
-Make broadcasts
-Write it in your blog
-Advertise to people you think may be interested in Modeling or Fashion (The point of this is to get more people to apply, not just so we have a big Number Count with no one participating)

We Need a Certain Amount of Participants to Go Through with the Competition! We need at least 10 People to sign up for this Competition to work!

Thank you! And Good Luck!!! ;)

Deadline: October 1st, 2010

~Carolyn Salt ♥♥ ✌✌

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great Donations

All of my friend's have been SO supportive and helpful while I try to make this Blog successful! And I want to thank all of them SO very much! But there is one girl who is just TOO generous... her name is Isabel (Stardoll Username is carleit) and she is SO fantastic!!!

Because of her Donations The Prize Will Also Contain 300 Stardollars to the Winner!

She's also helping VERY much with Advertising! Sending out Broadcasts, Posting in people's Guestbooks, etc. She's also helping with another kind of Advertising... by donating PRIZES FOR COMPETITIONS!!! (Coming VERY soon!)

She is only one of my friend's who have supported me, but this girl is AMAZING and deserves an Award for Kindness, and Generosity. She is a fantastic girl and I'm proud to say that she is my friend!

I wanted to make this post not only to tell you about carleit, and how the Prize has gotten even better but to Thank All Of My Supportive Friends! I Love You..Always. ;)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miss Couture 2010

Many of you may know the blog Stardoll's Most Wanted (! Personally, it's one of my very favourite blogs on Stardoll! And just less than 60 minutes ago, Jenna (Owner of SMW) posted that she and Underneath Stardoll (Very popular Stardoll Blog owned by M_Themis, mirka_17 and superoh) are joining together to release Miss Couture 2010! For the original post with all the info and how to sign up go to And if you decide to enter... GOOD LUCK!!
~Carolyn Salt

Monday, August 30, 2010


I know this doesn't really fit the blog but when I saw it I HAD to post it! =DDD
(Photo Credit to Stardoll's Most Wanted (

I don't think it's the best LE, but I certainly like it! There are 2 Non-SS Out fits (Stockings and Boots, Boots are sold out). Is this a glitch? Or is Stardoll being more generous? My personal fave is the Faux Fur Cuffed Blouse. =) I also really like the Blue LE purse. What I find amazing is that the LE Purses are more expensive than the LE Clothing!!

So, what's YOUR favourite?

Also, NEW BANNER! Nickychicky98 made it to replace the last one. =)) Gorgeous, yes!!! =D Thanks again Nicky!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Sponsor!

I have some fantastic news!! Me and JuciiMami827 talked and she offered to be a sponsor for this blog in exchange that her logo be put on the blog, and that on any ad's or promo's I have in the future that her logo is on there as a sponsor logo. I gladly accepted! =D To find the logo (And to get to the blog) just go to the right of the screen and scroll down! =)
On top of that she also offered that the winner of Stardoll's Next Top Model will get a feature on her amazing blog! Wow! Thank you so much JuciiMami827!

Also, a question has been coming up often...and that is: Will the "Winner's App" Work On Ipod Touches Too?! ='( It's not to be unfair, but simply because Ipod Touch's don't have the camera's you would need to take photo's with. BUT, I will talk to my dad soon and ask him whether or not we can sort something else out for those Ipod Touch users. (Don't feel bad, I use an Ipod Touch too!) =P
Sorry for the inconvenience, but we'll try to fix something up soon!

UPDATE: I talked it over with my Dad and we WILL be able to do an Ipod Version! This App would probably only be able to run on Iphone 3GS or Iphone4's anyhow, so he agreed the Ipod Touch Version was a great idea. =) How this will work is you load pic's onto your Ipod from Itunes, and then in the App you'll be able to access your photo's and drag your Medoll onto the photo's beside you. Also, he's making a few more additions. Like, a Twitter Feed where the photo will go to your Twitter Account if you set it up to Twitter (This is of course, optional!) And also if you do have a blog then you'd be able to get updates from your Blog on the App. Great?? YES! So all you Ipod Touch users, you WILL be able to get the prize! =DDDDD

Keep Applying!
~Love Carolyn xo

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Advertisement

I was bored so I did a really simple graphic, I'm trying to advertise as much as I can. So I made an advertisement so that if I was offered an advertisement spot then I could tell them to put this on it. Of course, sized down...
Tinypic Version:

I know it's hard to see the words, but they say:
Carolyns Next Top Model

Models, Judges, & Graphic Designers Needed!
Apply At:

=D Pretty cool, eh? =P

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Banner!

Have you noticed our fabulous new banner yet? =D It's truly amazing, designed by our first graphic designer....Nickychicky98!!!!!!!!

A HUGE thanks to Nicky for attempting (and succeeding!) to do this graphic, even though she's just starting to make graphics. You're doing a great job Nicky, and I know you'll continue to!

Soon I'll have my own Signature which I'll sign posts I can't wait!!!

Don't forget to apply! You can apply for as many jobs as you like, although you cannot be a judge and model, so if you're accepted as both jobs you'll have to use which you'd rather do. =)

~Love Carolyn xo

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Carolyn's Next Top Model, hosted by Carolyn (LonnaLang) is fresh and new, coming out in Fall 2010! Her competition is different from others mainly because of the unique prize, the one out of the Prize Package (Listed below) that was most intriguing was the Winner's own 'Medoll Application' for Iphones! They would be created by Carolyn's father, who is a computer programmer and is glad to sponsor his daughter in her quest for Carolyn's Next Top Model.

Carolyn will choose 35 Models (May Vary Depending on How Many Applications Come In) and 3 Other Judges (Which also May Vary) along with graphic designers for each Cycle. Each week or so they'll be given tasks to complete, and then the judges will gather to make the final decision of who will go that week, even though the main decision is up to Carolyn herself.

The graphic designers come in after each decision from the Judges has been made, because each week or so there will be a small Party (Nothing TOO fancy, but contests which are just for fun, and Best Dressed) where the CNTM Graphic Team will construct an Invite for all the models and judges, and the Graphic Designers to attend.

It's new, fresh, and Carolyn's hoping it will be a huge success. "When I thought of it, and I planned it out, it seemed like it was so perfect and like it would take off in an instant in my mind...but now I'm not so sure, so I'm just going to try and advertise and push it as much as I can. I have until Fall, so I should be able to get at least 43 Applications in...even if it doesn't work out...What the heck!? At least I can say I tried!" She exclaims.

A great thanks to all who apply, good luck, and I hope to see you on the Runway!