Saturday, December 18, 2010

Task 5 Results & Task 6


All of you were creative, and did a great job at your Album's and Scenery's! :) I didn't have to comment on all the albums, though I visited all of them! So if you didn't get an album comment, it doesn't mean I didn't like yours. ;)
Now to get to the Results...We had some pretty amazing Entries but the Winner was...


Though you chose a simple pose, the out fit was very Winter-ish, as was the background. That was what I wanted you to focus on a little more for this Task, the out fit. :)
Also, I've decided that at the end of the Cycle EVERYONE who won a Task will get a little feature on the Blog. :) This will include some pic's of their Dollie, Quickfacts, and some Questions. So far those people are: iswim19, NickyChicky98, aqua324 and Pandaeyes239! We only chose Winner's a little later into the Competition, but from now on we will have Winners. :)

Now for the difficult part of who is leaving us today...

Some judges found it messy and though your idea was interesting, you didn't exactly show it in the best way. Sorry.

Task 6

So for a quick recap, our remaining models are (In no particular order) :



With you 7 left, I thought we'd do a cultural, but still fashionable, challenge.

Fashion Capitals of the World
Task: Each of you will be assigned a Fashion Capital of the World. Then in a Scenery you must show your Medoll wearing an out fit either inspired by an actual out fit that was on a Runway there, or just your interpretation of that Country's high fashion. I'd prefer if you showcased the out fit on a runway in your Scenery, but if you'd rather do it with a Scenery that looks more like the country that's alright. I think it would be nice to just be able to tell the Country by sort of seeing the out fit, though I understand Fashion Capital's could have the same sort of out fits. Just create your interpretation of your City. :) Below I've listed your City along with a link to it's Wikipedia in case you want a little background knowledge.

If you want the Wikipedia on Fashion Capitals click ⇉ HERE

- Paris, France Wikipedia
alexotskiaki-New York, U.S.A Wikipedia
MeliMelia- London, England Wikipedia
aqua342- Sydney, Australia, Wikipedia
NickyChicky98-Milan, Italy Wikipedia
Pandaeyes239-Barcelona, Ireland Wikipedia
gghgfhjg-Miami, U.S.A Wikipedia

If you want fashion help for any of your Countries, just go to and then type in
___(City Here)___ Fashion. Or even your Cities Fashion Week! :) As you can see I put some examples at the top of the page too. :)
I'm looking for bold, unique style from around the World..but still high fashion. Whether it's casual, or a gown..I just want it to stand out and be inspired by your City. Like I said before, I'd prefer if your Model was on a Runway, but if she isn't that's alright. You may include other Models if you like. Just do what you feel. :P

Task due: December Jan. 3rd (But if you all finish before then I'll post it before that)

Love Carolyn. ;)


  1. Thank you so much! When I saw that I was like "Oh, God, I hope I don't get NYC because I live here!" but I've been to Paris before so this should be a fun and challenging experience!<3

  2. Italy :D This should be a fun task since well, I'm Italian! :D And I have been to italy ^^

  3. Good thing I didn't get Miami because I was born there! xD

  4. Hahaa! I know, I was nervous about putting people with places they've lived, or visit A LOT, but I think it worked out well.

    I did remember after that Nicky, you're Italian, but it isn't like you live there or anything so I don't think it's unfair.

    And Sierra, that's nice that you have some background knowledge on Paris! :)

    I'm glad everyone is so enthusiastic about Tasks. xD I love it! I'm so lucky to have all such amazing Models in this Cycle! :)))

  5. I can't wait for the Results !
    Everyone's scenery's were amazing !
    Good Luck Everyone :D