Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great Donations

All of my friend's have been SO supportive and helpful while I try to make this Blog successful! And I want to thank all of them SO very much! But there is one girl who is just TOO generous... her name is Isabel (Stardoll Username is carleit) and she is SO fantastic!!!

Because of her Donations The Prize Will Also Contain 300 Stardollars to the Winner!

She's also helping VERY much with Advertising! Sending out Broadcasts, Posting in people's Guestbooks, etc. She's also helping with another kind of Advertising... by donating PRIZES FOR COMPETITIONS!!! (Coming VERY soon!)

She is only one of my friend's who have supported me, but this girl is AMAZING and deserves an Award for Kindness, and Generosity. She is a fantastic girl and I'm proud to say that she is my friend!

I wanted to make this post not only to tell you about carleit, and how the Prize has gotten even better but to Thank All Of My Supportive Friends! I Love You..Always. ;)


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