Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Sponsor!

I have some fantastic news!! Me and JuciiMami827 talked and she offered to be a sponsor for this blog in exchange that her logo be put on the blog, and that on any ad's or promo's I have in the future that her logo is on there as a sponsor logo. I gladly accepted! =D To find the logo (And to get to the blog) just go to the right of the screen and scroll down! =)
On top of that she also offered that the winner of Stardoll's Next Top Model will get a feature on her amazing blog! Wow! Thank you so much JuciiMami827!

Also, a question has been coming up often...and that is: Will the "Winner's App" Work On Ipod Touches Too?! ='( It's not to be unfair, but simply because Ipod Touch's don't have the camera's you would need to take photo's with. BUT, I will talk to my dad soon and ask him whether or not we can sort something else out for those Ipod Touch users. (Don't feel bad, I use an Ipod Touch too!) =P
Sorry for the inconvenience, but we'll try to fix something up soon!

UPDATE: I talked it over with my Dad and we WILL be able to do an Ipod Version! This App would probably only be able to run on Iphone 3GS or Iphone4's anyhow, so he agreed the Ipod Touch Version was a great idea. =) How this will work is you load pic's onto your Ipod from Itunes, and then in the App you'll be able to access your photo's and drag your Medoll onto the photo's beside you. Also, he's making a few more additions. Like, a Twitter Feed where the photo will go to your Twitter Account if you set it up to Twitter (This is of course, optional!) And also if you do have a blog then you'd be able to get updates from your Blog on the App. Great?? YES! So all you Ipod Touch users, you WILL be able to get the prize! =DDDDD

Keep Applying!
~Love Carolyn xo

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