Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Task 3 Results

Alright, first of all..the Results. :) By the end of this post, we will only have 10 girls left! But who's going? First..we'll see who won the Task.

iswim19: Congratulations! :D You've won the Task, and for our first time we have a prize for the Task-Winner. iswim19 will win a Spread & Interview on The Diamond Girls SD. They may not seem extremely popular (Like Stardoll's Most Wanted, or Underneath Stardoll) yet, but they are a Nominee in The Star Awards..and it is an amazing blog! :) If you accept the Prize I'll contact you soon so we can do the Interview!

Now to get to the Results of who will be leaving us... You're all very talented. Some of you did very well and even showed us your best Scenery yet in this Task, others did very poorly. The person with the lowest scores who is now out of the Competition is...



Task 4 will be posted tomorrow! :D I'll give you a little hint...

I'll be Picking out of a hat tomorrow, One clothing piece for each of you...

(Doesn't give much away..but does it get you thinking? :P)

Also, workinmom2007, one of our great Judges, may be away for a while..her Account was taken from her and she's still trying to get it back. We hope she gets the Account back, and we wish her luck. :D

Also, on a slightly different note.. Winter LE 2010 just came out! :D Anyone get anything good? I know I sure did. :P If you send me some awesome Tinypic's of you in your LE I'll be sure to feature you on the Blog. :))
(Please remember that Stardoll no longer allows you to right 'Tinypic' so you'll either have to send it to me through the Blog, or just substitute the i's for !'s)

Carolyn xx