Monday, October 18, 2010

Task 1-Getting to Know You

I told you it would be this Week, but you didn't expect it to be today, did you? Well, SURPRISE! We're getting started...Now! And here it is...

Many of you I don't know very well, so this will give me a chance to get to know you a little bit better. :)

Create a Club Scenery showing me different things about you. Whether things about your style, hobbies, jobs/education, things you stand for, etc.

What You Need:

-At least 3 Things about you
-Description in comments
-Pose (Optional..but poses do give you extra points)

This will be done in a Club Scenery.Judges: LoveGossip4life, skycole99, workinmom2007, alice2078, and also me (LonnaLang).

Due: You have a whole week. So it's Due Oct. 25th (Next Monday).Those who don't complete it are automatically out of the Competition unless you have a good reason and have alerted me of it.

If you act, have your Medoll holding a script. If you like horses, put a horse in the background. I want to see creativity in what you do. Remember, this is a first-impression.

Message me via Stardoll Messages or Guestbook if you have Questions or Concerns.
Judges please remember to join the club CNTMStaff owned by me so I can alert you when you need to have your Judging done by and handed into me. :)

Good luck, and let the Competition begin!

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    This is my scenery :)

    Holly-Grace / Melimelia :)