Sunday, April 10, 2011



Carolyn's Top Model of Spring 2011!

And the winner is...

It was a tough decision for all the judges but by the end the votes were unanimous...

Carolyn's Next Top Model's One and Only Winner Is...


I will contact you soon about your prizes. :)

Now, for some bad news...
If you may have noticed above I said Nicky was the one and only winner of CNTM. I wasn't just being figurative.

My Superstar ends in September and honestly Stardoll isn't doing as much for me as it used to, so I will soon be leaving Stardoll.

Nicky will get all her prizes, but unfortunately this is the first and last cycle of CNTM.

Thanks to everyone. You were all such great Judges, Competitors, and Audiences! This went so much more smoothly then I expected it to!

So, thank you!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last Task!

Wow, the Final Task!
Intense! xD

NickyChicky98 vs. aqua324

Task 11

Task: In a graphic or album create a magazine with at least 6 pages. The only requirements are that you have a cover, and also that somewhere in it you must have a celebrity interview. Obviously you won't be able to get a real celebrity to interview but I want you to answer questions the way you think the celeb of your choice would. For an example you could check Monster Magazine and their fake interview with Lady GaGa! This shows how creative you can be! The celeb could be a famous model, singer, actress, etc. It should be someone who you like and know quite a lot about. But mainly I want to see someone who in a way inspires you. Or who you think is just overall inspiring and someone who would make a good role model. Other than a good cover and the celeb interview the rest is in your hands. You can do articles on whatever you like or if you choose you could have one page as the cover and five for the interview. You can do advertisements but only one of the ad's will count as an actual page.

Good Luck!!!

Due April 10th

Friday, February 25, 2011

Task 9 Results & Task 10!


Unfortunately Melimelia has been eliminated. She asked for an extension, which we gave her, but she wasn't able to complete it in time. She had talent, and we hope to perhaps even see her next year!!!

Task 10

UPDATE: It can be any sort of design. Prints, Words, Cartoons. Just try and be original and creative! You can do brand names (Such as Chanel, Prada, or even Hollister) but please try not to use those overused prints (like Twilight, we think they're cute, but there are enough out there that we'd prefer to not have those included unless you REALLY want or specialize in them).

Wow! Task TEN! That's a lot. :P

First of all, Congrats on making it to the FINAL 3 NickyChicky98, Pandaeyes239, and aqua324!
Now onto the Task...

Create Your Own Design Line

Task: Using Stardoll Stardesign, you must create an interesting design line with at least 3 patterns, and at least 5 items (You can use the same patterns on more than one item as long as there are at least 3 patterns and 5 items). Then, in a Graphic OR in a Scenery you must create an Ad or layout to display your fantastic new line! (Graphic's may be easier because you can actually have your clothes in the Ad without having to purchase them for a Scenery)

**Note: You do NOT have to purchase any items, you just have to Print screen it!

Deadline: March 6th

Good luck! xx

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Task 9

Before we get on to the Task, would the Final 4 please message me with your fave Judges Entry. ;) We need to determine a Winner of the Judges Challenge! :D

Task 8

Trends of Spring 2011

The website posted above has all the trends of Spring and Summer 2011!

Can't access the link? The trends are:

  • 70's Glamour
  • Biker Clothes
  • Punk Clothing
  • 60's Ladylike
  • Maxi Dress goes Sheer
  • Lace Clothing
  • Crochet and Macrame
  • Tassels
  • Bell Bottoms
  • Wide Leg Pants
  • Capri Pants
  • Tail Hems- Dresses Longer At The Back
  • Stripes
  • Jumpsuits and Playsuits
  • Crop Tops
But I suggest if you can visit the website anyways as they have guidelines and photo's for suggestions. :)

Your Task is to choose at least THREE of those above Trends and create a Stardoll out fit to go with each. You can present them in Album, Scenery, or a Graphic!

**Note: If it's a graphic please post the link under the Club topic 'Task 8 Results", if it's in Album then please list the page number under the same topic, and Scenery's should be done in the club

Club Scenery glitches have been fixed, so there are no worries except for the occasional glitch we still used to have.

Good luck and your Task is due on the 15th! :)

-Carolyn xx

Task 8 Results

Due to incompletion iswim19 will sadly be eliminated. Yes, we understand people can be busy...but we had no warning or a good excuse for why she could not complete it. So I apologize, but by following the rules she can no longer participate.
It's a little bit sad because we think she had great potential! So keep on modeling Sierra and we hope to perhaps see you again next Cycle! ;D

Well, Final 4! How exciting! The next Task will be posted soon. :)

-Carolyn xx

Friday, January 28, 2011

Task 8

I know the Judges Task is still going on, but I'd like to overlap with the next Task.
There are two parts of this task. :)

Part 1

Task: Celebrity Medolls

Pick your favourite celebrity (Preferably female). It could be an actress, singer, or model. Anyone! Look up pictures of them (Face and Out Fits) and then find one you like! I want you to turn your Model into that person. Beauty Parlour and an Out fit!
Here are your options:
-Do it in your Suite and save it to Album or Printscreen it
-Do it in your Starplaza Shop dressing room and Printscreen it

You can put your Model back to normal as soon as that's done, just make sure me and all the other Judges can view it.

Part 2

Task: Music Tribute

Pick a genre of music. It can be any genre, whether rock, rap, pop, etc. And do a Scenery OR Graphic paying tribute to it. I'd like your Medoll to be in it so you can show an out fit that may fit into that Genre. You could even be inspired by a certain band or artist in that genre (e.g Micheal Jackson;Pop, Aerosmith;Rock, etc.).
The thing is, is that Scenery's have been glitchy lately, so if you are doing a Scenery I'd appreciate it if you could Screenprint your Scenery BEFORE you save it to SD.

Due Date For Both: Febuary 4th

Good luck!!! xx

If You Don't Know How to Screenprint Please Contact Me via My SD Account LonnaLang :) Thanks.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Judges Task

Due to a Contestant having to leave because of a break from SD, there will be no elimination this week.
As for the Judges Challenge...

All the Judges are asked to participate, but have the right to pass if they're too busy or don't want to. But here is the task:


Task- To create a Scenery portraying a Goddess, does not have to be a specific one..just the general idea. Pose is preferred.

Due: Feb. 2nd (We have a week)

The next Task may overlap with the Judges Task, but that's okay.



In Comments you each may leave your criticism and comments on our Scenery Entry's.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Task 7- Animal

Whether you're wearing the print or just dressing up like one, you'd be surprised at how many people can pull off an animal look. There's such a huge variety of prints-zebra, leopard, etc, etc.! Which is why your task is to put together a Stardoll animal out fit.

You can either dress your Model up as the Animal
Just wear the print (But quite a lot of it)

I know this may be hard, but it will give you a chance to get creative!!! I want you to put it into a Scenery, and I'd like a pose. At this stage in the Competition everyone should be comfortable with posing (I hope). :)

It doesn't even have to be the real animal colours!!! Look at the 'Purr by Katy Perry' photo at the top. She uses pinks and purples, but you can still tell she's a cat. :P

Get creative!
This task will show me how artistic you can get. :)

So pick any animal you want, and get to it. ;)

Due: January 20th, 2011

Good luck,
Cary Perry xx

Task 6 Results

I apologize for the long wait! :) I was waiting on Judges Responses. Aha!

As for the Results...

All of you did stylish Runways, some creative, some okay... but the Winner of this Task is:


Though there was a little bit of conflict about her Scenery being the same as another girl's, the Judges and I still agree she still did a good pose, dress, and runway! She will get a spread on the Blog at the end of the Cycle with the rest of the Winners. :) Congratulations!

Now for the more dull part-who's leaving us today.

Before I announce it, I want to say I'm proud of all of you- I know that's the speech everyone gives before they let someone go, but I truly mean it. You girls are talented and amazing!!!
But sadly, the person leaving us today is...


You were still amazing and a very talented person!!! :D We loved viewing all of your creative Scenery's!

Task 7 will be posted shortly... So stay tuned, and Congrats. ;)

Carolyn xx