Monday, September 20, 2010

LE Dresses Competition!

It's that time...Time for an AWESOME Contest! ;D I know you wanna know...What's the Prize??

Thanks to the kind donations from Isabel (carleit) our prize is 2 LE Dresses! I like to encourage great fashion here at CNTM so I thought some cute dresses would get you in a stylish mood. ;) Here is what they look like on your Medoll! (Model: carleit)

Now for the Contest itself. Here is what you have to do...

1. Make sure you are an Official Follower of the Blog! ☛
2. Invite as many people as you can to the blog!!! (See Suggestions Below)
3. Comment under this saying that you would like to Participate in the Competition and write your Stardoll Username
4. Get everyone who you Invite (And get them to Follow!!) to sign under this Post saying that you invited them and with their Stardoll Username, then if they like they can participate too!

The person who invites the most people wins First Pick of one of the above Dresses, the 2nd Place person get's the other Dress. ;)

Blogger accounts that Follow must be REAL ones, I will find out if they are you. That's cheating..and cheating is wrong. Cheating also shows me that you wouldn't be a good fit for any fun competitions I have, and for the Big Modeling Comp itself! Stardoll User's you invite must have over 50 Starpoints and be real. Fake ones will be found. If you cheat, even just once, you'll be eliminated from this LE Dresses Competitions.

-Write in People's Guestbook's
-Write it on your presentation
-Make broadcasts
-Write it in your blog
-Advertise to people you think may be interested in Modeling or Fashion (The point of this is to get more people to apply, not just so we have a big Number Count with no one participating)

We Need a Certain Amount of Participants to Go Through with the Competition! We need at least 10 People to sign up for this Competition to work!

Thank you! And Good Luck!!! ;)

Deadline: October 1st, 2010

~Carolyn Salt ♥♥ ✌✌


  1. I would like to Participate
    My Stardoll name is Chocolategirl53 (:

  2. i would like to participate!!!
    my stardoll user: mursal12345

  3. I would like to participate.
    Stardoll username: gghgfhjg