Thursday, January 13, 2011

Task 7- Animal

Whether you're wearing the print or just dressing up like one, you'd be surprised at how many people can pull off an animal look. There's such a huge variety of prints-zebra, leopard, etc, etc.! Which is why your task is to put together a Stardoll animal out fit.

You can either dress your Model up as the Animal
Just wear the print (But quite a lot of it)

I know this may be hard, but it will give you a chance to get creative!!! I want you to put it into a Scenery, and I'd like a pose. At this stage in the Competition everyone should be comfortable with posing (I hope). :)

It doesn't even have to be the real animal colours!!! Look at the 'Purr by Katy Perry' photo at the top. She uses pinks and purples, but you can still tell she's a cat. :P

Get creative!
This task will show me how artistic you can get. :)

So pick any animal you want, and get to it. ;)

Due: January 20th, 2011

Good luck,
Cary Perry xx

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