Friday, January 28, 2011

Task 8

I know the Judges Task is still going on, but I'd like to overlap with the next Task.
There are two parts of this task. :)

Part 1

Task: Celebrity Medolls

Pick your favourite celebrity (Preferably female). It could be an actress, singer, or model. Anyone! Look up pictures of them (Face and Out Fits) and then find one you like! I want you to turn your Model into that person. Beauty Parlour and an Out fit!
Here are your options:
-Do it in your Suite and save it to Album or Printscreen it
-Do it in your Starplaza Shop dressing room and Printscreen it

You can put your Model back to normal as soon as that's done, just make sure me and all the other Judges can view it.

Part 2

Task: Music Tribute

Pick a genre of music. It can be any genre, whether rock, rap, pop, etc. And do a Scenery OR Graphic paying tribute to it. I'd like your Medoll to be in it so you can show an out fit that may fit into that Genre. You could even be inspired by a certain band or artist in that genre (e.g Micheal Jackson;Pop, Aerosmith;Rock, etc.).
The thing is, is that Scenery's have been glitchy lately, so if you are doing a Scenery I'd appreciate it if you could Screenprint your Scenery BEFORE you save it to SD.

Due Date For Both: Febuary 4th

Good luck!!! xx

If You Don't Know How to Screenprint Please Contact Me via My SD Account LonnaLang :) Thanks.

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