Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last Task!

Wow, the Final Task!
Intense! xD

NickyChicky98 vs. aqua324

Task 11

Task: In a graphic or album create a magazine with at least 6 pages. The only requirements are that you have a cover, and also that somewhere in it you must have a celebrity interview. Obviously you won't be able to get a real celebrity to interview but I want you to answer questions the way you think the celeb of your choice would. For an example you could check Monster Magazine and their fake interview with Lady GaGa! This shows how creative you can be! The celeb could be a famous model, singer, actress, etc. It should be someone who you like and know quite a lot about. But mainly I want to see someone who in a way inspires you. Or who you think is just overall inspiring and someone who would make a good role model. Other than a good cover and the celeb interview the rest is in your hands. You can do articles on whatever you like or if you choose you could have one page as the cover and five for the interview. You can do advertisements but only one of the ad's will count as an actual page.

Good Luck!!!

Due April 10th

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