Friday, February 25, 2011

Task 9 Results & Task 10!


Unfortunately Melimelia has been eliminated. She asked for an extension, which we gave her, but she wasn't able to complete it in time. She had talent, and we hope to perhaps even see her next year!!!

Task 10

UPDATE: It can be any sort of design. Prints, Words, Cartoons. Just try and be original and creative! You can do brand names (Such as Chanel, Prada, or even Hollister) but please try not to use those overused prints (like Twilight, we think they're cute, but there are enough out there that we'd prefer to not have those included unless you REALLY want or specialize in them).

Wow! Task TEN! That's a lot. :P

First of all, Congrats on making it to the FINAL 3 NickyChicky98, Pandaeyes239, and aqua324!
Now onto the Task...

Create Your Own Design Line

Task: Using Stardoll Stardesign, you must create an interesting design line with at least 3 patterns, and at least 5 items (You can use the same patterns on more than one item as long as there are at least 3 patterns and 5 items). Then, in a Graphic OR in a Scenery you must create an Ad or layout to display your fantastic new line! (Graphic's may be easier because you can actually have your clothes in the Ad without having to purchase them for a Scenery)

**Note: You do NOT have to purchase any items, you just have to Print screen it!

Deadline: March 6th

Good luck! xx