Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Task 9

Before we get on to the Task, would the Final 4 please message me with your fave Judges Entry. ;) We need to determine a Winner of the Judges Challenge! :D

Task 8

Trends of Spring 2011


The website posted above has all the trends of Spring and Summer 2011!

Can't access the link? The trends are:

  • 70's Glamour
  • Biker Clothes
  • Punk Clothing
  • 60's Ladylike
  • Maxi Dress goes Sheer
  • Lace Clothing
  • Crochet and Macrame
  • Tassels
  • Bell Bottoms
  • Wide Leg Pants
  • Capri Pants
  • Tail Hems- Dresses Longer At The Back
  • Stripes
  • Jumpsuits and Playsuits
  • Crop Tops
But I suggest if you can visit the website anyways as they have guidelines and photo's for suggestions. :)

Your Task is to choose at least THREE of those above Trends and create a Stardoll out fit to go with each. You can present them in Album, Scenery, or a Graphic!

**Note: If it's a graphic please post the link under the Club topic 'Task 8 Results", if it's in Album then please list the page number under the same topic, and Scenery's should be done in the club

Club Scenery glitches have been fixed, so there are no worries except for the occasional glitch we still used to have.

Good luck and your Task is due on the 15th! :)

-Carolyn xx

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