Thursday, January 13, 2011

Task 6 Results

I apologize for the long wait! :) I was waiting on Judges Responses. Aha!

As for the Results...

All of you did stylish Runways, some creative, some okay... but the Winner of this Task is:


Though there was a little bit of conflict about her Scenery being the same as another girl's, the Judges and I still agree she still did a good pose, dress, and runway! She will get a spread on the Blog at the end of the Cycle with the rest of the Winners. :) Congratulations!

Now for the more dull part-who's leaving us today.

Before I announce it, I want to say I'm proud of all of you- I know that's the speech everyone gives before they let someone go, but I truly mean it. You girls are talented and amazing!!!
But sadly, the person leaving us today is...


You were still amazing and a very talented person!!! :D We loved viewing all of your creative Scenery's!

Task 7 will be posted shortly... So stay tuned, and Congrats. ;)

Carolyn xx

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